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Sewing Projects

Learn to Sew with These Simple Projects

Sewing Projects | 14.6.2015 | No Comments

Learning to sew can be a lot of fun. But it can also be extremely frustrating. There’s just so much you need to learn and know, from the different hand stitches and when to use them, to the ins-and-outs of […]

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Tutorial: Make a Dress from a T-Shirt

Sewing Projects | 1.6.2013 | No Comments

  Do you have a bunch of t-shirts that you don’t know what to do with? Maybe you received a t-shirt you love as a gift, but it’s just a little too big for you to wear. Or maybe you […]

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Tutorial: Two Ways to Make a Simple Sachet

Sewing Projects | 17.5.2013 | No Comments

  Sachets are one of the simplest sewing projects a sewer can take on, especially if they are a beginner. Sachets are also useful. You can stash a lavender sachet under your pillow to help you get a restful night […]

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Ultra Easy Scrap Quilt Tutorial

Sewing Projects | 7.5.2013 | 3 Comments

  Don’t know what to do with those extra scraps of fabric? Why not use them to make this Ultra Easy Scrap Quilt?     What You’ll Need   25 squares of fabric, each 8 ½” X 8 ½” Thread […]

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Sewing 411

Use a Binder to Organize Your Sewing Supplies

Sewing 411 | 18.6.2015 | No Comments

If you’ve been sewing for a while, you probably have more sewing supplies than you even realize. And you’ll really know things have gotten out of hand when you buy some “new” sewing tool….only to get home and realize that […]

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Upcycling: An Easy Way to Get Into Sewing

Sewing 411 | 17.9.2014 | No Comments

Do you have clothes that you don’t wear anymore? They aren’t damaged, and they even still fit. They just don’t interest you enough to want to wear them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could give new life to those […]

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Teaching Kids to Sew

Sewing 411 | 22.5.2013 | 3 Comments

  Teaching kids to sew can be both fun and rewarding. There are few things better than sharing something you love with your child. And if you’re looking for something creative and fun for your kids to do that doesn’t […]

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Sewing and Your Health

Sewing 411 | 12.5.2013 | 1 Comment

  Sewing is a hobby with many benefits. You can have fun while stretching your creative muscles. Making and mending clothes for your family can save you a ton of money. And disappearing into the peace and quiet of your […]

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