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Best Sewing Cabinets And Tables of 2019

We sewing enthusiasts tend to start our passion at our dining room or kitchen tables. Later, when the sewing bug really bits, we realize that we’ve outgrown our surroundings. We need a better workspace, and somewhere to store all of the thread,...

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Organizing Your Sewing Space

sewing space

When you enter your sewing space it should be a place of creativity. A place where you can let your imagination go wild and craft wild and beautiful things. But all that wild creativity can sometimes leave your workspace in a mess....

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sewing tools

Beginning sewers often spend a lot of time and money finding the perfect sewing machine. They research all the bells and whistles and try to find one that does everything they want and isn’t too far above budget. But there are a...

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10 Crafty Projects to Upcycle Fabric Scraps

Do you have a knack for sewing? Then, it’s quite likely that you’ve some fabric scraps left over. Though you may not always have the ideal amount of fabric to carry out a project, your stash of fabric scraps can still be...

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Six More Ways to Make Money with Your Sewing

As you’ve already discovered; sewing is an amazing hobby that lets you use your creativity, save money on clothes and home accessories, and gives you some “me time”. But eventually you may find your home is overrun with artsy pillows, cute tops,...

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7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Sewing Machine

Buying your first sewing machine can feel like a daunting task. There are so many options to choose from. We’re going to discuss a few things you should think about in advance. There are pros and cons when considering who to buy...

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Five Best Beginner Sewing Books

When you start the craft of sewing there is a lot to learn. It can sometimes seem overwhelming in the beginning. What do you need to buy? How do you set-up and use a sewing machine? What projects should you attempt first?...

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How to Sell More of Your Sewing Projects


Sewing is fun hobby that many people enjoy. But at some point you might want to attempt to sell your projects to make some extra cash. Here are a few skills you’ll need to learn to help you sell more of your...

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Starting a Sewing Club for Kids

kids sewing

Those that love sewing often want to share that love and teach others this fun and useful skill. A sewing club is one way to share your talents with a younger generation. Parents are always looking for new ways to entertain their...

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12 Home Decor Sewing Ideas for the Winter

While the snow is falling, you probably want to create something that fits the theme. If you like to sew, the possibilities are endless! Here, we will take a look at 12 ideas to get you started.   A warm blanket in...

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