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Best Computerized Quilting Systems (Robots 2020)

A computerized quilting system is a technology that you connect to your existing quilting machine. Once installed, the system ‘reads’ computerized quilting patterns, then controls the movements of your machine to transfer that design to your quilt.

Why Use a Quilting Robot?

There are many excellent reasons to use a computerized quilting system. The first is precision. A computer is simply better able to transfer a particular design or motif to a quilt. A quilting robot can produce the kind of results that would take a human being years of practice. The end result will simply be more accurately sized, and more accurately placed. There’s also the matter of speed. Anyone who simply wants to produce more quilts should be able to do so if they master a quilting robot.

Many quilters invest in these computerized quilting systems because they want to change their focus. By automating this task, they can spend more time considering their design choices, and focusing on the creative side of quilting.

What Can You do With a Robotic Quilting Machine Attachment

This technology does more than sew quilts for you. With a quilting robot, you can record the motifs you create as you quilt, design your own patterns, or find amazing patterns online. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, you can connect to the internet directly to download updates to your system, and access online patterns.

Any Downsides to Buying a Quilting Machine Attachment?

There are no real downsides here, just a few things you should know. Before you select a robotic quilting attachment, make sure it is compatible with your machine. You’ll also need to check for any necessary upgrades or modifications. For example, many systems require your machine to have quilter’s cruise control.

Some systems come with compatible tablets. In other cases you will have to purchase or update your own. Finally, keep in mind that these are computerized systems. You’ll need Wi-Fi for most systems, and Bluetooth capability. From time to time, you will be required to download system updates, or update your hardware for compatibility.

Three Robotic Quilting Machines For You

You’ll invest a fair amount of money in a robotic quilting system. Still, for a serious quilter the investment can be absolutely worthwhile. Take a closer look at three systems that really stand out.

Quilt Motion Quilters Creative Touch 5

At its current sales price of $3,599, this is one of the lower-priced quilting robots you’ll find. Users will appreciate the budget friendly costs, but they’ll also love the intuitive interface. The Creative Touch 5 is exceptionally user-friendly. This quilting system is designed with ‘flow-thru system’. This means that all functionality is neatly contained in a single app. That means you’ll never have to switch patterns whether you’re designing, creating, or editing patterns; determining pattern placement; or quilting.

Check Out These Features

This quilting robot has a stunning array of impressive features. Check them out below:

  • A 200 Pattern Library
  • Create And Edit Pantographs
  • Record Free Motion Quilting
  • Trace Pictures to Create Quilting Patterns
  • Auto Duplicate Patterns to Plan Entire Quilts
  • Built in Digital Ruler For Accuracy
  • Free Tutorials

There are also some premium features that come with ‘Gold Card Access’. These include:

  • Advanced Pantograph Creator
  • Additional Patterns
  • Virtual Longarm
  • Template Designer
  • Multi Placement
  • Corner Maker
  • Font Stitcher

Quilters may also choose from the beginnings edition or the PRO edition with more features. Users should also know that this system works best with Windows tablets.

Compatible Machines

Here’s a list of quilting machines that can be fit with the Creative Touch 5:

  • Baby Lock
  • Block Rockit
  • Bernina
  • Elna
  • Eclipse
  • Juki
  • Janome
  • Viking
  • Q’Nique

Check the product specs at the link to see the specific models of each quilting machine brand that are compatible.

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LiTen Up QBOT V3 Computerized Quilting System for Long Arm Quilting Machines

This robotic quilting system is currently priced at $5,199. This includes a tablet at no extra cost. However, customers should know that some quilting machines will require a paid upgrade. This needs to be specified when placing an order.

QBOT stands for Quilting Based on Technology. This is a computerized quilting system that is designed specifically for long arm quilting machines. It’s a hands-free solution for creating quilts that look amazing in only a fraction of the time. It comes with more than 18 quilting designs, and will also allow you to record the designs that you quilt freehand.

Before making a purchase. Take a look at these requirements:

  • QBOT V3 App or Pro App – Purchased on Google Play
  • QBOT compatible head with factory installed comm. Module and V3 firmware
  • Android tablet with an OS 4.1 or higher, and Bluetooth. This comes free with purchase.

Check Out These Features

The QBOT V3 can be purchased as a complete system, or as an entirely new system. Here are some of the design features that are included:

  • Line Quilting
  • Nesting
  • Design Management
  • Mirror Image
  • Pattern Quilting
  • Overlay
  • Multiple Tablet Screen Sizes Available

If you’ve never used a QBOT system before, these features are part of this systems design:

  • Easy to Install
  • Automatic Quilting
  • User Friendly Menu Interface
  • Quilt Difficult Designs With Little Experience
  • Onboard Rotation
  • Record Free Motion Quilting
  • Several Quilting Designs Included

This system works with most studio quilting frames, but you should verify that your specific frame is compatible.

Compatible Machines

QBOT is constantly updating its list of compatible machines, wood and metal frames, and machine + frame quilting systems. Contact customer support before ordering to see what you need to ensure that your current quilting machine will work, or if you need any upgrades.

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HQ Pro-Stitcher Premium Computerized Quilting System for HQ Fusion

This robotic quilting machine is currently priced on sale at 8,995. That’s more than ½ off the regular retail price. Even better, the intuitive interface has on screen handles that allows users to stretch and resize designs quickly. They can even clear the screen with a single touch.

There are also 300 hundred new designs that have been added to the original 500.

Check Out These Features

The following, premium features were added in April, 2019:

  • Baste Stitch Button
  • Design Points View
  • Opti-Stitch: Regulates stitch speed and acceleration.
  • Better integrated infinity thread cutter
  • Manual speed and acceleration control.
  • No simulation license required.
  • Updated icons.

In addition to this, there are multiple tutorials, references, and other help documents available for download.

If you have an existing, pro-stitcher tablet, it may need upgrades before it can be used with this system. The Sewing Machines Plus website has information on needed updates, or whether or not your tablet needs to be sent in to be upgraded. Further, the latest version of Pro-Stitcher Premium, along with a PDF with detailed instructions is available for download.

Here are a few of the standard features:

  • Intuitive User Dashboard
  • Customizable Toolbar
  • On Screen Handles
  • Improved Motor Control Precision
  • Quick Setup
  • Clear All With a Single Touch
  • Record Your Own Pantograph or Free Motion
  • Download Patterns Via USB
  • Design Rotation
  • Works With Most Digital Quilt Patterns
  • Resize And Rotate
  • Autoshapes For Pattern Design
  • Full User Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Print Pantographs or Tearaway Stencils
  • Convert Fonts

Compatible Machines

The system reviewed was for the HQ fusion. There is an HQ Pro-Stitcher Premium Computerized Quilting System available for a variety of Handiquilter, quilting machines.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in producing quilts quickly, and with more precision, consider a computerized quilting system. In addition to this, a quilting robot will allow you to focus more on the creative aspects of quilting. Let the machine do the work, and you’ll be able to create designs and pantographs, work with designs you’ve found online, and plan entire quilts in one sitting. Yes, these systems can be pricey, however they are definitely worthwhile once you consider the functionality you will add to your existing quilting setup.

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