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Fabric Cutting Table

Those of you who are interested in fabric crafts will want to know more about cutting tables. Why is this important? Well, when it comes to sewing, everything should be done properly. As a beginner, there’s a lot that you’ll need to learn. One of them is the proper operation of a cutting table.

What is a Fabric Cutting Table?

A cutting table is a work surface that has been designed specifically for sewing items. Technically speaking, it’s a rectangular frame that supports a flat slab of wood or laminate. The perfect solution for sewing enthusiasts, cutting tables allow you to sit in a relaxed posture.

At the cutting table, fabric is measured and cut based on a pattern. A cutting table is an important part of a sewing studio because it creates a specific space to work efficiently in. At home, a cutting table is also useful for cutting out materials for craft projects or any kind of sewing project.

Many features storage shelves and drawers to keep room essentials organized, and an adjustable paper roll for smooth cutting of fabric, paper, and more.

What to look for in a Fabric Cutting Table

A cutting table’s height should be suited to allow the user to stand while working. Choosing the right height eliminates back and neck aches and prevents fatigue. Some cutting tables have a low countertop height (17” or less from the floor), which may not be best for cutting fabric. The best cutting tables are at approximately “counter height”, which is 23–25” from the floor.

Essentially, a cutting table is a flat surface that you can measure and cut your fabric on. It will ensure all your pieces are identical, and save time and effort. No matter how clean your kitchen is, there’s no real substitute for an accurate table when it comes to measuring and cutting fabric.

You can find tables and boards in a variety of sizes. Boards are usually best for smaller projects. Tables make long, straight cuts but may not be the best choice if you have a small space.

Reasons to purchase a fabric cutting table

  • Fabric cutting tables are used by many apparel designers, clothing brands in tailoring factories and some DIY bride’s to set up their sewing workstation. When compared to the other table types available on the market, they offer more workspace and flexibility. Cutting tables do usually have a higher price tag than regular tables or tables with storage drawers.
  • Cutting tables are made to handle repeated grazing with scissors, meaning you don’t need to worry about damaging other household surfaces.
  • A cutting table makes the tedious task of measuring easier. Take more time to enjoy your sewing instead of fussing with complicated measurements.
  • The cutting table provides a cleanly organized way to stay on top of your cutting needs. With its convenient design, you will have plenty of extra storage for pins, chalk, and any other small craft necessities you want to keep close by.
  • If you’re looking to save space in your crafting area, consider investing in a cutting table. These pieces of equipment are specifically designed to keep all of the tools and accessories you need within easy reach. While there are designs with built-in storage compartments, many cutting tables leave extra space for baskets or containers that fits underneath so you can build a customized storage system to fit your preferences. Cutting tables are compact and easy to use, as well as strong enough to support any project you choose.
  • When you’re not using your cutting table, you can fold it up to adjust the space in your studio.

What is the perfect fabric cutting table height for me?

Height is a very important consideration when choosing a table for fabric cutting. Like so many other aspects of the sewing room, it will vary depending on each person working there. Most tables are made with legs that allow them to be adjusted to the appropriate height for each spinner. Unless you are building your own table, it will have to be within an inch or two of your ideal measurement. It is rare to find one that is exact.

The standard fabric cutting table measures approximately 30 inches in height. This height is great for shorter individuals who require less reach to perform most tasks. For taller individuals, more height may be required to achieve comfort.

Summing Up

There’s a lot that you could learn about fabric cutting tables. You, as a beginner, should know that the proper use of one can help save money as well as time when it comes to sewing. It’s important that every designer should have proper instruments on their table such as cutting table. It’s one of the most basic tools in sewing industry and it’s necessary for each person. So make sure you check out our products before you buy anything else.

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