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How to Stitch a Straight Line

There are many factors to take into consideration before you can start sewing i.e.

The type of material you have will determine the following:

a) The ‘type’ of needle you will need use
b) The tension on your machine
c) The type of cotton you will need to use


For example, let’s say you are sewing using cotton material. The best cotton thread to use would be polyester, or a thread that is part cotton/part polyester. Polyester is stronger than cotton, which will prevent the thread from breaking. You will have to make sure your bobbin has sufficient thread on it (the same thread) for what you are about to sew.

Thread your machine at the top (including the needle) using the reel of cotton. When it comes to threading the needle, most machines these days have a built in needle-threader, which pulls the cotton through the eye of the needle.

Make sure your bobbin is in correctly. The thread on the bobbin is used for the stitching under the material. Turn the wheel manually on the right hand side of the machine clockwise. This will move the needle down into the bobbin area where it will grip the bobbin thread and pull it out of the machine to the surface.

Make sure that the excess thread is +/- 5cm long before you start sewing. This will prevent the seam from coming undone.

Set the stitch length to no. 3 on your stitch dial. This is the average length used for sewing. Make sure your ‘foot’ (the flat piece under your needle) is up.

Place your material under the foot, using the seam measurement guide on the machine (on the bottom plate) next to the foot. Set your seam width to +/- 1,5cm (this is the average width of a seam) this will prevent the seam from coming undone. Lower the foot, using the foot handle at the back of the machine and commence sewing slowly.

Guide the material forward while sewing using your left hand (or both hands) depending on what makes you more comfortable. This will help you sew a straight line.

Once you have reached the end of your material you will need to remove your material. Lift the foot using the foot handle on the sewing machine.

Pull out the material until the thread is about 5cm long (you have to leave the excess thread this long to prevent the sewing from coming undone). Cut the thread using scissors, or if your machine has a thread cutter on the left hand side of the machine, you can use that.

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