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150 Easy Sewing Projects That Takes Less Than 30 Minutes

Are you looking for something awesome to sew in less than 30 minutes?

We decided to compile a list of 150 of these super easy sewing projects that you can sew within 30 minutes. If you are an experience sewer then a lot of these projects will take 10 minutes or less.

One thing to notes is that we are talking sewing time here which does not include prep time. Nonetheless, these projects are still super quick to make and I am sure you will enjoy them a lot.

Get your sewing machine ready and dive right in.


1.) Spit Bib (via Sew Much Ado)

What better gift for a new mama than a hand made spit bib?

Spit Bib

2.) Hand Warmers (via Sugar Bee Crafts)

Something nice to keep your hands warm in the office, in the car or when you are watching a movie.

Hand Warmers

3.) Vintage Button Curtains (via West Coast Crafty)

These vintage dishcloth curtains are the perfect low cost solution to making your boring, bare kitchen windows so much cuter.

Vintage Button Curtains

4.) DIY Ribbon and Vinyl Pouches (via Haberdashery Fun)

These pouches are perfect for your makeup, receipts, camera etc.

DIY Ribbon and Vinyl Pouches

5.) Fabric Bunting Flags (via Hello Little House)

These flags would look great in a little boy’s room.

Fabric Bunting Flags

6.) Dolly Towel (via Mommy by Day Crafter by Night)

Make this doll towel for that special little girl in your life.

Dolly Towel

7.) Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers (via Snow Bliss)

No water or maintenance needed for these beautiful fabric flowers.

Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers

8.) 5 Minute Gift Card Holder (via So Sew Easy)

Lovely gift card holder that is super quick and easy to make.

5 Minute Gift Card Holder

9.) DIY Cord Keeper (via Leafy Treetop)

We just love this idea for keeping all those ugly cords together.

DIY Cord Keeper

10.) Scrappy Pin Cushion (via Ellison Lane)

Scrappy Pin Cushion

11.) DIY Stuffed Balloon Animals (via Little Inspiration)

DIY Stuffed Balloon Animals

12.) Secret Pillow Pocket (via See Kate Sew)

Secret Pillow Pocket

13.) Mini Messenger Bag (via Crazy Little Projects)

Perfect little bag to hold a few things such as your keys, sunglasses and phone.

Mini Messenger Bag

14.) Strawberry Pot Holders (via Sew Some Stuff)

These pot holders make for a great gift because it will always make the person think of you when they are busy in the kitchen.

Strawberry Pot Holders

15.) Fabric Letters (via Twin Talk)

Fabric Letters

16.) Tassel Cushion (via Hobbycraft)

Tassel Cushion

17.) Felt Crayon Holder (via Skip To My Lou)

Felt Crayon Holder

18.) Quick & Easy Pillow Covers (via Crazy Little Projects)

Quick & Easy Pillow Covers

19.) Feather Dishtowel (via Flamingo Toes)

Feather Dishtowel

20.) Beach Roll (via The Golden Adventures)

Beach Roll

21.) Double Layer Square Circle Skirt (via Make It Love It)

Double Layer Square Circle Skirt

22.) Swaddling Blankets & Baby Headbands (via The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood)

Swaddling Blankets & Baby Headbands

23.) DIY Drawstring Sunglasses Case (via Sew DIY)

DIY Drawstring Sunglasses Case

24.) Reversible Fabric Storage Bins (via Haberdashery Fun)

Reversible Fabric Storage Bins

25.) Giant Floor Pillows (via Mystic Mandy)

Giant Floor Pillows

26.) Easy Sleep / Eye Mask (via The Wonder Forest)

Easy Sleep / Eye Mask

27.) Splash-proof Gadget Cover (via Hobbycraft)

Splash-proof Gadget Cover

28.) Recycled T-shirt Tote Bag (via One Good Thing By Jillee)

Recycled T-shirt Tote Bag

29.) Zipper Back Top (via The Homesteady)

Zipper Back Top

30.) Preppy Dog Collar (via Devon Alana)

Preppy Dog Collar

31.) From Scarf to a Kimono (via Keeping Up With Us Jones)

From Scarf to a Kimono

32.) Luggage Tags (via Delicious Reads)

Luggage Tags

33.) DIY Boot Socks (via Infarrantly Creative)

DIY Boot Socks

34.) Book Paper Apple (via No Biggie)

Book Paper Apple

35.) New Baby Kit (via Blue Print Crafts)

New Baby Kit

36.) Diaper Case (via Crazy Little Projects)

Diaper Case

37.) Vintage Scarf Curtain (via Apartment Therapy)

Vintage Scarf Curtain

38.) iPad Case (via Crazy Little Projects)

iPad Case

39.) Hammock Chair (via A Beautiful Mess)

Hammock Chair

40.) Upcycled Lace Skirt (via Radiant Home Studio)

Upcycled Lace Skirt

41.) Water Resistant Phone Pouch (via Brassy Apple)

Water Resistant Phone Pouch

42.) 30 Minute Baby Blanket (via Patchwork Posse)

30 Minute Baby Blanket

43.) Door Stop (via Hobbycraft)

Door Stop

44.) 5 Minute Bookmark (via Crazy Little Projects)

5 Minute Bookmark

45.) Ribbon Belts (via Small Notebook)

Ribbon Belts

46.) Ironing Board Cover (via A Beautiful Mess)

Ironing Board Cover

47.) Drawstring Laundry Bag (via eHow)

Drawstring Laundry Bag

48.) Pretty Potholders (via Pretty Prudent)

Pretty Potholders

49.) Library Tote Bag (via Crazy Little Projects)

Library Tote Bag

50.) Adjustable Unisex Apron (via Purl Soho)

Adjustable Unisex Apron

51.) Rag Quilt (via Fleece Fun)

Rag Quilt

52.) Mini Tote Bag (via Craftsy)

Mini Tote Bag

53.) Baby Quilt (via Cloud 9 Fabrics)

Baby Quilt

54.) Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag (via It’s Always Autumn)

Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag

55.) Double Sided Infinity Scarf (via Merrick’s Art)

Double Sided Infinity Scarf

56.) 10 Minute Skirt (via Make It Love It)

10 Minute Skirt

57.) DIY Drink Holders (via Positively Splendid)

DIY Drink Holders

58.) DIY High Waist Bikini (via Hello There Handmade)

DIY High Waist Bikini

59.) Fabric Scrap Keychains (via Living With Punks)

Fabric Scrap Keychains

60.) Summer Sundress (via Polkadot Chair)

Summer Sundress

61.) DIY drawstring snackbag (via Alice And Lois)

DIY drawstring snackbag

62.) Ruffle Tote Bag (via Crazy Little Projects)

Ruffle Tote Bag

63.) Simple Phone Wallet (via Crazy Little Projects)

Simple Phone Wallet

64.) Girls’ Skirt (via It’s Always Autumn)

Girls' Skirt

65.) Fabric Keychains (via My So Called Crafty Life)

Fabric Keychains

66.) Cute and Easy Pencil Bag (via Crazy Little Projects)

Cute and Easy Pencil Bag

67.) Scrap Basket Birds (via The Sewing Loft)

Scrap Basket Birds

68.) Simple Tote Bag (via Crazy Little Projects)

Simple Tote Bag

69.) Reversible Flannel Receiving Blankets (via Stay-At-Home Artist)

Reversible Flannel Receiving Blankets

70.) Envelope Clutch (via See Kate Sew)

Envelope Clutch

71.) Pattern Weights (via Zaaberry)

Pattern Weights

72.) 30 Minute Bean Bag Chair (via Project Nursery)

30 Minute Bean Bag Chair


73.) Fabric Knotted Headband (via Sugar Bee Crafts)

Fabric Knotted Headband

74.) Polka Dot Leather Pouch (via Polkadot Chair)

Polka Dot Leather Pouch

75.) Easy Sew Ruffle Apron (via Joann)

Easy Sew Ruffle Apron

76.) Bowl Cover (via A Kitschy Kitchen)

Bowl Cover

77.) Beach Bag (via Hobbycraft)

Beach Bag

78.) Embroidery Hoop Transfers (via Hobbycraft)

Embroidery Hoop Transfers

79.) Bias Binding Bracelets (via Live It Love It Make It)

Bias Binding Bracelets

80.) Credit Card Wallet (via So Sew Easy)

Credit Card Wallet

81.) Sequin Sandals (via Hobbycraft)

Sequin Sandals

82.) DIY Lace Cuff (via Down Home Inspiration)

DIY Lace Cuff

83.) Upcycled Nightgown (via It’s Always Autumn)

Upcycled Nightgown

84.) Purse Organizer (via Five Sixteenths)

Purse Organizer

85.) Bowtie (via Lemon Squeezy Home)


86.) Carseat cover (via Life With My Littles)

Carseat cover

87.) Tee Pattern (via It’s Always Autumn)

Tee Pattern

88.) Skillet Handle Covers (via So Sew Easy)

Skillet Handle Covers

89.) Zipper Pouch (via Crazy Little Projects)

Zipper Pouch

90.) Reversible Table Runner (via Teal And Lme)

Reversible Table Runner

91.) DIY Honeymoon Bag (via Something Turquoise)

DIY Honeymoon Bag

92.) Sew a Scissors Pouch Pattern (via So Sew Easy)

Sew a Scissors Pouch Pattern

93.) Knitting Needle Case (via By Number 19)

Knitting Needle Case

94.) 5 Minute Kleenex Holder (via Hello Creative Family)

5 Minute Kleenex Holder

95.) Peek-a-boo toy sack (via Make It Perfect)

Peek-a-boo toy sack

96.) Felt Monsters (via It’s Always Autumn)

Felt Monsters

97.) Earbud Pouch (via Dog Under My Desk)

Earbud Pouch

98.) Straight Fabric Bins (via Straight Grain)

Straight Fabric Bins

99.) Book Clutch (via See Kate Sew)

Book Clutch

100.) DIY Back Tab Curtains (via Lia Griffith)

DIY Back Tab Curtains

101.) Super Simple Dishtowels (via Purl Soho)

Super Simple Dishtowels

102.) Sleepover Pillowcase (via Lemon Squeezy Home)

Sleepover Pillowcase

103.) Goodie Bags (via Craftsy)

Goodie Bags

104.) Simple Throw Pillow (via This Big Oak Tree)

Simple Throw Pillow

105.) DIY iPhone Wallet (via My 3 Monsters)

DIY iPhone Wallet

106.) DIY Bento Tote (via Pretty Prudent)

DIY Bento Tote

107.) Fabric Dragonfly (via Hobbycraft)

Fabric Dragonfly

108.) Infant Peasant Dress (via Sew Much Ado)

Infant Peasant Dress

109.) Maxi Dress (via It’s Always Autumn)

Maxi Dress

110.) Baby Dress from Womens Shirt (via It’s Always Autumn)

Baby Dress from Womens Shirt

111.) Chapstick Cozy (via Little Bit Funky)

Chapstick Cozy

112.) Pom Trim Pillow (via Living With Punks)

Pom Trim Pillow

113.) Superhero Mask (via Crazy Little Projects)

Superhero Mask

114.) Kids Pirate Hat (via Simple Simon And Company)

Kids Pirate Hat

115.) Kids Art Journal (via LBG Studio)

Kids Art Journal

116.) Easy Oven Mitt (via Crazy Little Projects)

Easy Oven Mitt

117.) Bunting (via Hobbycraft)


118.) Grocery Bag Holder (via Phat Quarters)

Grocery Bag Holder

119.) Tie-Dyed Gift Bags (via A Home For Design)

Tie-Dyed Gift Bags

120.) 5 Minute Bread Bag (via Saltwater Kids)

5 Minute Bread Bag

121.) DIY Mini Boxy Makeup Bag (via Say Yes)

DIY Mini Boxy Makeup Bag

122.) Quick Change Corsage Necklace (via Polkadot Chair)

Quick Change Corsage Necklace

123.) Stretchy Baby Hats (via Make It & Love It)

Stretchy Baby Hats

124.) 5 Minute iPhone Charger Case (via Positively Splendid)

5 Minute iPhone Charger Case

125.) Cable Knit Lampshade (via Farm Fresh Therapy)

Cable Knit Lampshade


126.) Invisible Zip Cushions (via Torie Jayne)

Invisible Zip Cushions

127.) Camera Lens Case (via Polkadot Chair)

Camera Lens Case

128.) DIY Mini Wallet (via See Kate Sew)

DIY Mini Wallet

129.) Easy Womens Boxer Shorts (via eHow)

Easy Womens Boxer Shorts

130.) Teddy Bear Top & Bloomers (via It’s Always Autumn)

Teddy Bear Top & Bloomers

131.) Envelope Pillow Cover (via Hey There Home)

Envelope Pillow Cover

132.) DIY Kimono (via Brit+ Co)

DIY Kimono

133.) Vintage Peg Bag (via Stitch Craft Create)

Vintage Peg Bag

134.) Anthropology Inspired Tassel Cushion (via Shrimp Salad Circus)

Anthropology Inspired Tassel Cushion

135.) Yoga Bag (via Brit + Co)

Yoga Bag

136.) Zipper Bag (via Lia Griffith)

Zipper Bag

137.) DIY Dog Bed (via Fab You Bliss)

DIY Dog Bed

138.) Sleeve Top Pattern (via It’s Always Autumn)

Sleeve Top Pattern


139.) Circle Skirt (via Made Everyday)

Circle Skirt

140.) 5 Minute Toddler Leggins (via How Does She)

5 Minute Toddler Leggins

141.) Oven Mittens (via I Heart Naptime)

Oven Mittens

142.) DIY Cloth Napkins and Placemats (via Smile And Wave)

DIY Cloth Napkins and Placemats

143.) Gathered Skirt (via Envato Tuts)

Gathered Skirt

144.) Fabric Heart Coasters (via Thirty Handmade Days)

Fabric Heart Coasters

145.) 30 Minute Drawstring Fabric Backpack (via Hello Wonderful)

30 Minute Drawstring Fabric Backpack

146.) Easy Knit Pencil Skirt (via Simple Simon And Company)

Easy Knit Pencil Skirt

147.) Geomtric Pouch (via Sew Delicious)

Geomtric Pouch

148.) Gathered Fabric Camera Strap (via Farm Fresh Therapy)

Gathered Fabric Camera Strap

149.) Easy to Make Pin Cushion (via Blah To Tada!)

Easy to Make Pin Cushion

150.) DIY Cloth Napkins and Napkin Rings (via My 3 Monsters)

DIY Cloth Napkins and Napkin Rings


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