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37 Pretty Bags Sewing Projects

It’s no surprise that most people choose bag projects for their intro to sewing as it is fun to make aside from being useful. We at Sew My Place, like our DIY bag projects so here’s a short list of 37 Pretty Bag sewing projects that we collected from all over the web. Happy sewing!


1. Picnic Tote Pattern (sewcanshe.com)

Need the perfect bag to carry your picnic supplies? Then look no further.


2. Market Tote Bag (sewingdork.blogspot.com)

Get rid of those pesky plastic bags and bring this nifty market tote instead.


3. Canvas Beach Bag (elleapparelblog.com)

A pretty beach bag for a great day at the beach.


4. Betty Bag Sewing Pattern (u-handbag.typepad.com)

A cute Betty bag with a pinch of summer mixed in.


5. Not Just Another Pretty Purse (sewastraightline.com)

Not your ordinary purse.


6. Easy Reusable Grocery Bag (sew4home.com)

Make your own reusable grocery bags and help save the environment!


7. Tote Two Ways (allfreesewing.com)

Tote in two different flavours.


8. Lovely Drawstring Bag (threadingmyway.com)

A crafty approach to a lined drawstring bag.


9. Wine Bottle Bag (thestitchingscientist.com)

The perfect bag for gifting wine!


10. Patchwork Tote (mypatchwork.wordpress.com)

Got plenty of leftover fabric and don’t know what to do with them? Try making this cool patchwork tote.


11. The One-Hour Bag (30minutecrafts.com)

You can also do this in thirty minutes.


12. Dollar Store Placemat Tote Bag (mysewsweetstudio.blogspot.com)

Yes, placemats can be tote bag material.


13. Renegade Tote Bag Pattern (therenegadeseamstress.com)

Totes – renegade style.


14. Fabulous Fringe Bag Pattern (onthecuttingfloor.com)

Just a simple faux suede bag on the fun and trendy side.


15. Car Book Holder (punkprojects.com)

A little something for the bookworms out there.


16. Burlap Purse with Shabby Rose (lamaisonreid.blogspot.com)


17. Retro Shoulder Bag (thestitchingscientist.com)

Can’t get any more retro than this!


18. Arabesque Bag (sewsweetness.com)

Pretty beginner-friendly tote bag pattern.


19. Carpetbag Tote (melissaesplin.com)


20. Sweet Scallops Tote (seekatesew.com)


21. Tohoku Tote (iammommahearmeroar.net)


22. Quick Fix Grocery Bag (pm-betweenthelines.blogspot.com)


23. 13-Step Canvas Tote (theinspiredwren.blogspot.com)


24. Hanging Trash Bag (finnyknits.blogspot.com)

It’s not just for trash though.


25. Crochet Bag (jembellish.blogspot.com)

Very useful for organizing kids’ stuff.


26. Colorblock Clutch (alidamakes.com)


27. Simple Tote Bag (thestitchingscientist.com)

Simple yet elegant.


28. Quarter Tote Bag (thecottagemama.com)

Simple pattern tote on the fat side.


29. Denim Armrest Project Bag (justcraftyenough.com)

Breathe new life to your old pair of jeans with this crafty sewing project.


30. Easy DIY Pocket Tote (flamingtoes.com)


31. Leather Bottom Tote Bag (seekatesew.com)

For those times where you need a sturdier bag to carry your things.


32. Pillowcase Handibag (jembellish.blogspot.com)


33. Slouchy Summer Hobo Bag (flamingtoes.com)


34. Boat Tote (thelongthread.com)


35. Makeup Bag (craftsy.com)


36. Kids’ Duffel Bag (crazylittleprojects.com)


37. Easy Cosmetics Bag (so-sew-easy.com)

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