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How to Sell More of Your Sewing Projects


Sewing is fun hobby that many people enjoy. But at some point you might want to attempt to sell your projects to make some extra cash.

Here are a few skills you’ll need to learn to help you sell more of your projects.

Take Good Photographs

When you’re selling online “A picture is worth a thousand words” as the old saying goes. Your photos are the first impression potential customers get of your creations and if your photos are poor they’ll click away. It won’t matter how good anything else is if your photos suck.

A good camera is important. Also, using a photo editing software such as PhotoShop can also show your projects at their best.

Don’t post dark photos but don’t overexpose. Natural lighting is best.

Use a nice contrasting background color, not a blank white.

You can find YouTube video’s that will show you how to make your photos look the best.

Whether you’re selling on Etsy, Shopify, your own blog, or on Facebook  — good photographs are vital to your success.  

Learn to Write Powerful Descriptions

You want to be able to tell potential buyers every thing they might want to know about your projects.

List all the specifics of the items such as measurements, materials, and potential use. But then go a step further. Talk about the quality materials you used to create the projects.

Help them imagine the feel of the material and the textures. Help them think about they’ll feel using or wearing the product.

Selling based on words is called copywriting. You might want to invest some time in learning this skill.

You can also visit top-selling blogs and Etsy stores and study how they write their descriptions. Not for the sake of copying or stealing, but to allow you to learn what works so you can adapt the techniques to your own products.

Understanding the concept of “keywords” is also helpful. Though you want to write unique and interesting descriptions don’t skip the basic words that people will search for when looking for projects. This is especially true in your item titles.

When you’re selling a baby blanket make sure the words “baby blanket” is in your title and not something that’s just cute or clever. They must be specific. Use your keywords in tags and in your descriptions, too. They won’t find your listing otherwise.

You can use a tool like Google’s Keyword planner tool to help choose your keywords. Watch some YouTube videos or read some articles about keywords to understand this concept better.

Create a Unique Brand

If you’re selling items that look identical to everyone elses then you can’t command the highest prices or gain the attention of a specific audience. But if your projects are one of a kind creations you’ll stand alone.

When your baby clothes are known as the ones with whimsical characters in bold and fun colors – you are building a brand. If they are also easy to care for then you’re adding practical advantages, as well. Mother’s will begin to talk about you.

“Where did you get that adorable jumper?”

“It’s a new store on Etsy called ‘Baby Emporium. They have the cutest things. I’ll send you the link.”

That is the power of word of mouth advertising.

Sharing your story helps to build your brand. You can do this with YouTube videos, Facebook Lives or posts on Facebook or your blogs. Post pics on Pinterest.

Talk about how you could never find clothes like you wanted for your children or your grandchildren. So you created your own based on the needs of mothers as well as the cuteness of the clothing.

You need a good “about me” page on Etsy or your blog. This explains how you are unique, the care you take creating your crafts, and why you are special.

You want your creations to be seen and your story to be told.

Don’t Sell Based on Cheapest Prices

Your unique brand should not be based on lowest price. When you’re handcrafting quality items you can’t compete with large box stores who purchase from third world countries.

You are creating beautiful unique items for an audience who appreciates your work. Don’t undercut yourself to try and attract bargain shoppers. They are not the buyers your want so forget about them. Find buyers who appreciate what you’re selling and are willing to pay top dollar.

Good Customer Service

When someone asks you questions about your products always answer in a timely manner.

Ship products in a timely manner in a way that assures the product arrives safely.

If problems occur, resolve them quickly with refunds or by sending another product. 

If you become over-extended, especially during busy holiday seasons, you might consider hiring some part-time help. They can help you with packing and shipping. Eventually you may want to train someone to answer emails or even make crafts. But don’t let quality suffer.

Making money with your crafts is possible, but you have to learn the business side of selling, as well as making beautiful creations.

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