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Sewing, Why it’s Not Just for Women Anymore

For many years sewing was considered a hobby only for women.

No men allowed!

But times are changing. Many men are finding this craft to be an enjoyable and practical way to spend some free time. Here are a few of the reasons.

Advantages of Learning to Sew

Repair Clothes

Whether you are male or female sewing has many practical uses. It’s not just women who have buttons pop off their shirts.

Knowing how to do this simple task will save you from tossing a favorite piece of clothing just because a simple repair is needed. This is also true for small rips or tears in clothing.

You’ll impress your girlfriend because currently, even most women have never learned these handy skills.

Save Money

Buying simple curtains and pillows to furnish an apartment can be pricey. Making your own can not only save some money but assures you get exactly the colors and types of material you want.

Imagine looking around a used furniture store and finding exactly the kitchen chairs you want – but wait, the padding is a hideous pattern. But that’s okay, now that you’re familiar with buying material and basic sewing you can recover the chair with any fabric you want.

Make Unique Gifts

Your sister is having a baby and you want to give her a special gift. No worries. You can sew a special blanket that your niece or nephew will treasure because you made it just for them.

And once you’ve got the hang of making simple baby blankets or bibs, you’ll never have to worry when you’re invited to one of those office baby showers. You’ll already have a few adorable things on hand or you can whip something up in an afternoon.

Sewing Projects for Men

Along with all the “regular” sewing projects that abound, her are a few that men might find especially appealing.

Neckties – Sometimes finding the perfect shade or pattern to match your favorite suit is hard. Neckties are not too difficult to sew and allow you to choose exactly the style you want.

Journals – A leather bound, hand-sewn journal is a work of art. It can also be used as a planner or sketchbook.

Phone Cases – Again, a phone case that is handmade with quality leather is a huge step above anything you’ll find at the AT&T store, and a fraction of the cost if you make it yourself.

Guitar Strap – These can be made in a wide variety of styles using different materials, even an old leather belt.

Organizers – This is a multi-use type of project depending on the size and type of material you use. A heavy canvas pouch can be hung on your garage wall to hold tools.

A see-through plastic front can display your action figures. Artists or crafter can keep supplies, such as brushes and paints, handy without leaving them lying all over their craft table.

Pet Bed – Man’s best friend deserves a warm, comfy, stylish place to rest. This can be a little tricky but they’re a fun project that will get lots of use.

Costumes – For the man who enjoys comic-con or renaissance festivals, sewing your own costume will not only allow you to create something unique, but it will probably save you a fortune.

If you get good at it — it can also be a good way to make money since the people who attend these events are willing to plop down a lot of cash for nice costumes.

Quilts – You can create these in a plethora of manly designs, including sports themes, fireworks, patriotic themes, super heroes, nautical themes, military symbols, guitars, jungle animals or simply cool geometric shapes. They’re not just good for bedding but make unique wall decorations. 

Tote and Fold-over Bags – You can make these from cork or leather or canvas. They can be used for carrying books, art supplies or your lunch.

Draw String Bags – These can hold sports supplies or act as a laundry bag.

BBQ Apron – No man should have to grill without a special apron made especially for barbecuing.

RV Tire Covers – If you let your RV sit for long periods of time you’ll need a cover made of high grade material to cover them. Otherwise your expensive tires will end up cracked and dried due to the sun (even in cold weather).

Remember, many of these projects can be sold for a profit if you find you enjoy making them. But then so can Barbie doll clothes and baby blankets so do don’t limit your options if you decide to turn your hobby into cold hard cash with your own sewing business.

No matter how you choose to use your skills; sewing can be a useful and fun hobby for men as well as women.

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  • Vycci February 28, 2019, 5:47 pm

    I’m not sure how young or old the writer is, but sewing has always been a unisex trade. My father was a tailor and taught tailoring at a major college in the south. For years, some of the best designers were mostly men. Men were not afforded sewing as a hobby because they were out working which left sewing to appear as a women only hobby. My brothers can see as well as my son’s and grandsons. It’s up to whomever was gifted with the trade to pass it on. There are so many women that can’t even see a bottom on their blouse or hem their own pants. Let’s pass on the trade as much as we can as a hobby to unite us, not divide us.

  • cds June 25, 2019, 4:53 pm

    My Dad and I both sew. My Dad completely reupholster his truck. I’ve reupholster chairs at our home. Now we both hem up our own pants. Both our Wives sew, but my Wive’s eyes are so bad these days, I take care of things she needs sewn. Usually hemming things up or fixing dog toys. I’ve made her 3 purses, one of which she takes with us to the movies all the time. I designed it so she can take goodies with us if she wants to. I’ve read many books about the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Many men were tailors back in the days. It has become a lost trade. I find it relaxing and I love having to think out the design of a project when my Wife brings up something she would like. She recently purchased me a Viking 960Q. I would have never spent that on a machine. She is a blessing.

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