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Sewing Machine Brands

How many Sewing Machine Brands Are There?

Well, there are over 100 brands of sewing machine distributed throughout the world today. The companies vary by region but all still provide a similar product.


Bernina is a Switzerland based sewing machine brand. 

They are selling in countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and the USA. This is a high-end brand with great quality in its production standards and hence a little more expensive than other brands. Most of their sewing machine products are computerized, though they also have electronic sewing machines.


Brother sewing machines are one of the most popular and preferred brands all over the world. Brother sewing machines are available from the simple models to the high-end computerized sewing machines and are recommended highly by myself and many of my friends. Brother Sewing Machines can be used by both inexperienced beginners as well as professional sewers. They have a wide range of sewing machines from simple models to high-end computerized ones and are one of the most popular brands around the world.


Originally known as Husqvarna, Viking sewing machines have been around since the early 1860s, and they are best known for their high-quality computerized sewing machines. They are also owned by the same company that owns other sewing machine brands like Singer and Pfaff. Viking sewing machines are slim and well-designed. The housing is made from durable plastic while the machine’s parts are crafted from metal. All these make Viking sewing machines more durable and easy to maintain than many other brands on the market.


When it comes to sewing, Janome is one of the leading brands. They have made many first in innovations in sewing machine product manufacturing. They are also known for their top-notch quilting machines designed specifically for home use. When it comes to machines and threads, they have all your needs covered. Janome sewing machines are the best choice for quilting. The machines are designed to be durable and easy-to-use. They have numerous features and are easily found online or in retail stores around the world.

Janome is the leading manufacturer of sewing machines for home use. The company was the first to provide a computerized machine for home use, the first to introduce professional style embroidery in home products and has been at the forefront of innovation in this industry. The company is known for its user-friendly machines, which are best for beginners and experienced sewers alike.’


Singer originating in 1851, is a well-known manufacturer of sewing machines. And it remains at the top of entrepreneurship by making high quality sewing machines. The company is renowned for its innovative models in the market today. In fact, they have revolutionized the market with their new home utility sewing machines.

The Singer S18 is one of the most popular sewing machines out of over 2000 models. It can handle anything from casual, everyday stitching to medium-weight fabrics like denim and leather. This machine is sturdy yet easy to use, with a left-hand needle position and an automatic lubrication system that keeps it going strong for years. 


Toyota has been in the textile business for almost a century and has continued to produce excellent sewing machines and textile equipment. With a variety of categories of sewing machines, Toyota makes sure that there is a machine for almost any need. 

Antique Sewing Machine Brands

National Sewing Machine Company

Once one of the biggest names in manufacturing, National Sewing Machine Company operated out of Belvidere, Illinois and made everything from toys to washing machines. National Sewing Machine Company started out as the FT June company, making the adorably named and very popular “Jennie June” machine. Early sewing machines were designed essentially as an adaptation of the Singer model, but, as National took over the agency and began manufacturing its own designs, it made several important innovations. Many models were sold to department stores under brand names throughout the country. National Sewing Machine Company (later known as Frister and Rossman) made sewing machines under the brand names of National, Viking, Viking Pearl and also made toys and washing machines.

Davis Machine Company

Davis Sewing Machine Company began manufacturing sewing machines in 1868, and their early machines used a “vertical foot” to move the fabric through the machine using both lower and upper presser feet. The company was able to stay afloat with their nimble business model. When the first sewing machines were invented, they were a fairly new technology. Manufacturers throughout the United States began to make all sorts of different models.

Davis Sewing Machine Company is one example of a company that recognized this opportunity and decided to focus its business model on producing superior sewing machines. By 1873, the Davis Sewing Machine Company had become a popular and defining leader in American sewing machine manufacturing, making Davis the highest-grossing sewing machine company in America by 1874.

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