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Best Sewing Cabinets And Tables (Updated 2020)

We sewing enthusiasts tend to start our passion at our dining room or kitchen tables.

Later, when the sewing bug really bits, we realize that we’ve outgrown our surroundings. We need a better workspace, and somewhere to store all of the thread, notions, scissors, measuring tape, and other supplies.

If this sounds familiar, you may be considering some dedicated, work space options. We recommend that you start with a top quality sewing cabinet, sewing table, or both!

So, which one should you choose? You should consider the amount of space you have, your budget, and your decor. A sewing table or cabinet should have both form and function.

Before you start shopping for the perfect addition to your craft and sewing room, check out our recommendations. Here are the best sewing cabinets and tables of 2020.

Kangaroo Kabinets Wallaby 2 Sewing Cabinet 

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This is truly the Cadillac of sewing cabinets.

If you are a very serious  hobbyist or use  your sewing machine to make money, this is one to seriously consider. Yes, at nearly 1200 dollars, it’s an expensive unit.

However, it is exceptionally well made. It will provide you with virtually all of the space you need to support your sewing habits. The Wallaby 2 is also very attractive. This is a nice, well-made piece of furniture.

The Features

What will you get for your investment? Check out this list of features!

  • An Airlift Platform That Raises And Lowers Easily to Accommodate All Types of Sewing Machines.
  • Ease of Use For Flatbed and Free-Arm Sewing Applications.
  • Out of Sight Storage For Your Sewing Machine
  • Three Position Airlift 
  • Space For a Felter, Serger, or Other Sewing Machine on The Left of The Unit
  • Includes a Quilt Leaf For Quilts And Larger Amounts of Fabric
  • Quilt Leaf Folds up And Down
  • Optional Custom Insert For Many Popular Models of Sewing Machines.

This is our choice for 2020’s best sewing cabinet – luxury model.

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Arrow Cabinet 98500 Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet, Oak

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Portable, attractive, and space saving, this is a great middle of the road sewing cabinet.

We like that this cabinet folds into a unit that can easily be used as a side table or night stand. At just under 445 dollars, this is perfect if you have limited space or want to upgrade your current set up.

The Features

If this is the sewing cabinet for you, take a look at these attractive features.

  • Cabinet Dimensions Approx. 24” X 20” X 31” When Closed
  • Opens to Approx 68” X 20” X 31”
  • Blends Nicely With Almost Any Decor
  • Good For Small to Medium Sized Sewing Machines
  • On Caster Wheels For Easy Portability

This is our choice for best, space-saving sewing cabinet of 2019.

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Arrow 98611 Gidget II Sewing, Craft & Hobby Table

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This inexpensive, space-saving unit is perfect for beginners on a budget. For only 229 dollars,  you’ll be able to create a sewing workspace anywhere.

The Features

Take a closer look at the following features:

  • Perfect For Sewing, Crafts and Other Hobbies
  • Easy to Move
  • Folds For Storage
  • Perfect For Travel
  • Scratch Resistant
  • 40″ Wide x 19 3/4″ Deep x 28 1/4″ High
  • Made For Sewing Machines With Smaller Dimensions

This is the perfect choice for the ‘on-the-go’ sewing hobbyist.

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Arrow Mod Squad 4 Piece Set

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This is the kind of unit that sewers and crafters dream of. You’ll spend nearly 3,000 dollars on this, but it will turn your utility room into a creative center.

The Features

The features truly make this 4 piece set perfect:

  • Assemble 4 Pieces Into an L-Shaped Unit
  • Divide The Piece to Fit Any Room
  • Compatible With Other Kangaroo Sewing Furniture
  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Works With a Custom Sewing Machine Insert
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Three-Position Hydraulic Lift
  • Individual Modules Sole Separately

Invest in this, and your sewing room will be finished!

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Koala Studios Serger Station

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This serger station, available in teak or white is the perfect fit for your Evolution or Ovation serger. You’ll spend 1,999 dollars, but the investment is definitely worthwhile.

The Features

This truly has everything you’ll need:

  • Cone Thread Holders
  • Cord Ports
  • Attractive And Safe Beveled Edges With Rounded Corners
  • Dimensions: 53″ W x 29-3/4″ D x 29-1/4″ H
  • Casters That Lock Into Place
  • Water Resistant
  • Bag Holder For Trimmings

If you own a serger, or plan to get one in the future, keep this unit in mind.

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Arrow Auntie Retro-Look Sewing Cabinet

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The Arrow Auntie is a retro-look sewing cabinet that comes in your choice of three finishes. The sales price is currently $539 for this piece that combines style and functionality.

The Features

This versatile unit includes:

  • Two Options For Custom Inserts
  • Four Drawers
  • Lacking Casters
  • Durable Composite Wood Construction
  • Fold Out Leaves
  • Easy Assembly
  • Cabinet accommodates machines up to 18 7/8″ wide x 12 9/16″ deep x 13 1/8″ tall

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Soft White Sauder Sewing and Craft Table

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This is the lowest price sewing table on our list, but there’s nothing cheap or chintzy about this.

Coming in at under 185 dollars, this is a versatile unit for both sewers and crafters. This attractive, white cabinet and table combo opens up for plenty of room for your sewing or art projects.

When closed, it’s a gorgeous cabinet. Keep it in your living room or dining room. You won’t feel the need to hide this unit.

The Features

This white sewing and craft table is worth a second look. Here are some of the best features.

  • Made by Sauder – A Respected Name in Furniture
  • Two Storages Bins on The Cabinet Door
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Nicely Crafted Details
  • Drop Leaf Table
  • 40 X 19” X 28.5” Approx.
  • Sturdy And Durable
  • Easy to Assemble

If you need a budget priced sewing and craft table, this one should absolutely make your short list.

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Sewing / Craft Table – Amber Pine finish

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This is another sewing and craft table offered by Sauder.

It too is an attractive piece with slightly different features. This table is still budget friendly. It’s less than 195 dollars. If you want Sauder quality with a slightly more rustic look, take a closer look.

This amber pine table has contrasting black hardware that gives the table a very distinctive look.

The Features

Here are some of the more notable features of this unit.

  • Attractive And Durable
  • A Good Fit For Most Decor
  • Easy to Assemble
  • On Wheels For Portability
  • Under Table Storage For Your Sewing Machine
  • Drop Leaf Extension And Storage Cabinet
  • Quality Construction by Sauder

This one gets our endorsement for the best, rustic sewing cabinet.

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Sewing Tables And Cabinets – Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got questions about your choices in sewing cabinets and tables, we’ve got answers. Check out our list of frequently asked questions!

Why do You Need a Sewing Table or Cabinet?

First things first! You deserve an attractive, well-organized workspace. It’s frustrating to work on sewing projects when the materials you need are spread out through multiple rooms.

Sewing baskets and kits become messy, disorganized messes as you accumulate more accessories. Besides, nobody wants to disrupt their work in progress to try and find something they need.

Here’s something else to consider. Is your sewing habit taking over your living space? Has it been months since you’ve seen the top surface of your dining table?

You aren’t alone. You’re also not alone if your spouse or kids are getting a bit miffed at your ever expanding habit. With a good sewing table or cabinet, you can save space while you keep sewing and crafting.

Should You Get a Portable Sewing Cabinet?

That depends. If you like to do your sewing in front of the television set, or wherever the ‘action’ is, a table on wheels is a great choice.

The only caution is that you should assemble your unit carefully, following the instructions. When you move your table use care. Check your units wheels every so often to make sure everything is nice and sturdy.

There are benefits to getting a ‘fixed’ unit as well. They give a more permanent feel to your sewing and crafting area.

If you are serious about your sewing, this can communicate to your loved ones that your sewing area is a dedicated space.

What is The Best Material For a Sewing Cabinet or Table?

Sewing tables and cabinets are constructed with a variety of materials. Depending on your budget, you can find units that are made with plastic, particle board, or solid wood.

Obviously, each of these will have varying levels of durability and quality. A pricier table is more likely to function as an attractive piece of furniture. A less expensive cabinet may be more functional than attractive.

Will I Get Additional Functionality From my Sewing Table?

Absolutely! Many cabinets feature an extension for quilting. You can also use this for projects that require larger bolts of fabric.

If you purchase a sewing table with an airlift, you’ll be able to take on projects that require different depths. You may even be able to store your machine out of the way. This leaves you plenty of room to work on other projects.

Your table can also function as a study or craft area for the kids. Get them started on a useful, fun, and potentially profitable hobby. 

Are There Any Helpful Assembly Tips?

Of course you want to assemble your sewing cabinet quickly and correctly. Unfortunately, assembly instructions can be a bit confusing. If you aren’t mechanically inclined, this can be a frustrating process. Here are a few tips:

  • Recruit a helper. Some of these cabinets are quite heavy, and you’ll need the assistance!
  • Read the instructions thoroughly before you get started.
  • Inventory your parts. Make sure you’ve got everything you need.
  • Use hand tools to assemble your cabinet or table. Power tools can strip screw heads and crack wood.
  • Are you a visual learner? Look for your sewing cabinet on YouTube. Chances are, you’ll find a tutorial for assembling yours.

What About Caring For My Sewing Cabinet?

Your sewing cabinet can last for years, as long as you care for it properly. First, read your instructions.

Chances are, you’ll find care instructions there. If not, use a bit of common sense, and the best products for cleaning and care. If you have hardwood, use a furniture polish that is meant for solid wood.

Consider Murphy’s Oil soap or a similar product. Even if your unit is laminate, avoid using harsh cleaners.

Know your unit’s weight limit. Don’t overload it with a commercial machine if it cannot bear the weight. A warped table can be problematic when it comes to measuring, or opening and closing your cabinet doors.

Do You Need an Airlift?

Would you like to be able to hide your sewing machine when it isn’t in use? If you have an airlift, you can do this. This gives you a nice flat surface to be used for other purposes.

The only downside is that an airlift can make assembly a bit more complicated. You must also take care to use your airlift carefully. You don’t want it to become jammed or get off track.

What Should I Store in my Sewing Cabinet?

Everyone handles this a bit differently. Some sewers and crafters prefer to keep just the materials they need for their current sewing project. All other items are securely stored elsewhere.

Others like to keep a variety of materials in their cabinets. This helps them to keep up with multiple projects at once.

What if I Can Only Get a Small Sewing Table?

That’s perfectly fine. You can easily supplement a small table with some creative storage options. Here are a few that we like best!

  • Use photo albums or three ringed binders to store your sewing patterns.
  • Add a pegboard and hooks to your sewing room to maximize your space.
  • Invest in a box with a lid for extra fabric storage.
  • Use underbed storage units to keep sewing materials organized and out of the way.
  • Repurpose glass jars to store and organize notions.
  • Remember that Pinterest is a great source of sewing room ideas!

Final Thoughts

We’re happy to say that there are several great options available if you are searching for a sewing table or cabinet.

The pieces listed here are a great fit for a variety of budgets, preferences, and living space. Take a look, and see which one is the best for your needs!

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